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Wolf Cubs

Maltese Language 

  English Language


The Wolf Cub section is open to boys and girls aged between 7.5 and 11 years, after which they will be able to move to Scouts. 

After the Wolf Cubs were set up, the name suggested to Baden-Powell the idea of "Cub Packs", and he based the new programme on the Seonnee Pack, created in "The Jungle Book" by his good friend Rudyard Kipling.  Even now, the Cubs still use "The Jungle Book" as a basis.  

As well as the adventure Cub Scouts also has the fun element of the Jungle Book characters, the Pack leader being Akela (the "Old Wolf"), and other assistants being Baloo, Bagheera and Hathi, and the recruit entering the Pack is like Mowgli, the young boy who was brought up by the wolves.