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The Scout section is the direct  descendant of the original Scout Patrols formed throughout the British Empire in 1908.  The section is open to boys and girls aged 10 to 15 years.  

While basic skills training is carried out at indoors, whenever possible we work outdoors.  We aim to spend at least 50% of our time on outdoor, adventurous activity and sports activities.  

 The Scout Movement was founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell (BP) in 1907. The first camp he organised was held on Brownsea Island with four patrols of boys from London and Bournemouth. After the success of the camp, BP wrote a book called Scouting for Boys; this was based on an army training manual he had previously written called Aids to Scouting. BP actually found that children were reading and carrying out the ideas in his Aids to Scouting book and so wrote Scouting for Boys which proved extremely popular and started the trend of boys making their own patrols and finding adults to help lead them.