Registered NGO Ref: VO/0652 & Approved Provider of Informal Learning Ref: SLC11352 


SCOUTER in Charge : Ms. Maureen Agius

CREW SCOUT LEADERS: Ms. Maria Miller & Mr. Kyle Gatt

                                       Meetings are held on Saturdays between 13:30 and 15:30 at the Local Council Halls.                                                                  Membership is open to boys and girls aged 5 years to 18+

To join please contact:

In Mgarr the first Sea Scout Group of the Scout Federation, Baden Powell Scouts Malta was founded with the initiative of Mr. Mario Cardona (at the time Scouter) and Rev. Fr. Antoine Camilleri (at the time Parish Priest at Mgarr locality) in 2014. At the time the set-up involved support from a local NGO which aimed at the promotion of social and cultural activities in the locality, and was represented by Mr. Michael Farrugia (who at that time was the President. 

The recommendation that the Scout Group in Mgarr would be based on sea scouting since Mgarr is located near the sea was well received and supported. On the other hand Fr. Camilleri proposed that once a scarf was designed it would bear the colors which are found on the coat of arms of the Parish Church which is dedicated to Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven.

The Group Scarf of Mgarr Baden Powell Sea Scouts was finalised and approved as shown and while the colors are those found on the parish coat of arms, a golden star is found on the lower end corner. The golden star represents the protection given by the Blessed Virgin Mary to seafarers.

The official opening of the Scout Group in Mgarr was held in 2014.