Registered NGO Ref: VO/0652 & Approved Provider of Informal Learning Ref: SLC11352 

Luqa (Maltese: Ħal Luqa, meaning poplar) is a town located in the Southern Region of Malta, 4.3 km from the capital of Malta Valletta, near the Malta International Airport. It is an old town that has a dense population, typical of the Maltese Islands. The population of Luqa is 5,945 as of March 2014. There is a church in its main square dedicated to St. Andrew The traditional feast of St. Andrew is celebrated on the first Sunday of July, with the liturgical feast being celebrated on the November 30

The famous clock maker and inventor Michelangelo Sapiano (1826-1912) used to live in Ħal Luqa. He constructed various kinds of clocks, the clock in the belfry of the Parish Church being one of his many works. The house in Ħal Luqa where he used to live is located on Pawlu Magri Street.


Luqa Baden Powell Air Scouts was set-up with the initiative of Mr. Carmel Mangion, who was the first Group Scout Master until July 2018.

As from September 2019, Weekly meetings are being held every Tuesday at 18:30 and the venue is the Old Local Council Building, in St. Paul's Street, Luqa.

The colours of the Scout Scarf worn by Luqa Baden Powell Air Scouts represent the same colours of the Emblem of the locality of Luqa.