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All organisations are full of jargon and acronyms, Scouting is no exception, here are a few terms in no particular order that you may come across:

WFIS - World Federation of Independent Scouts

WOSM - World Organisation of Scout Movements

BPSM - Baden-Powell Scouts Malta

B.-P. - Roberts Louis Stevenson Smyth Baden-Powell (our founder)

"The Game" - In reference to Scouting's informal teaching methods, a subject is taught then reinforced through the use of games. B.-P. himself used this method to train soldiers under his command.  Scouting is sometimes referred to as "The Game".

"Gone home" - a tracking sign consisting of a circle of stones with a stone in the middle looking like a circle with a dot indicating that the person laying a trail has literally gone home.  A Scout remains a Scout for life, when a Scout passes away they are said to have "Gone home".  B.-P. has this sign on his gravestone.  Old soldiers are said to fade away, Scouts "Go home".

Duke of Edinburgh International Award - A scheme originating in the UK in the 1950s to which HRH Prince Phillip gave his name.  A progressive award scheme for young people aged 14 - 25 years,

Scouter - An adult leader, sometimes just referred to as a leader

Commissioner - A Scouter who has a senior management role

RSL - Rover Scout Leader

ARSL - Assistant Rover Scout Leader

SSL - Senior Scout Leader

ASSL - Assistant Senior Scout Leader

SL - Scout Leader

ASL - Assistant Scout Leader

CSL - Cub Scout Leader

ACSL - Assistant Cub Scout Leader

BSL - Beaver Scout Leader

ABSL - Assistant Beaver Scout Leader

GSL - Group Scout Leader(a Scouting manager who oversees a Group - see below)

Skip or Skipper - A Scout Leader's nickname

Akela - Cub Scout Leader, taken from "The Jungle Book" written by Rudyard Kipling a great friend of B.-P.  Other Wolf Cub leaders take names of characters from this book (eg: Baloo, Shere Khan, Hathi)

DYB DYB DYB - a very old (and famous) Scouting phrase meaning "Do Your Best"

DOB DOB DOB - the reply to DYB DYB DYB meaning "Do Our Best"

Patrol - sub division of a Scout troop usually numbering 6 Scouts but can be more or less dependent on numbers

PL - Patrol leader (Scout who is in charge of a patrol)

APL - Assistant Patrol Leader (self explanatory)

SPL - Senior Patrol Leader (a very senior Scout who oversees all the PL's)

Young leader - Normally a Senior Scout who takes on additional leadership responsibilities within a troop, pack or colony

Six - the Cub's equivalent of a Patrol

Sixer - Cub who is in charge of a six

Second or Seconder - A sixer's assistant

Group - a Scouting unit made up of multiple Sections, overseen by the GSL

Sections - sub division of a Scout Group, see below for details of each section

Beaver Scouts or Beavers- the most junior section of Scouting, ages 5 - 7.5, often referred to as a "colony"

Wolf Cubs or Cubs- the follow on from Beavers, ages 7.5 - 10.5, often referred to as a "pack" (as in wolf pack)

Scouts - the follow on from Cubs, ages 10.5 - 15, often referred to as a "troop" or "crew" (if Sea Scouts)

Senior Scouts - the follow on from Scouts, ages 15 - 18

Rover Scouts - the follow on and final section in Scouting, ages 18 - 25