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Update, Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Posted by bpscout on October 24, 2017 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (23218)

Our first meeting of those interested in the award scheme is on Weds 25th October 2017

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

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We are delighted to announce the launch of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award for the first time within BPSM.  Mark Spice one of our leaders has completed and Award Leader Course.  We will officillly launch the scheme at Trapani in September 2017!

Check out the Duke of Edinburgh International Award link on this website for more information


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A lot has happened in the last few months within BPSM.  We have welcomed Zebbug BP Scout group into our fold who have brought with them a ready made marching band!  We are out there being "seen to be seen" with a very succesful St George's Day parade where HE The President of Malta kindly attended and took the salute!  The following week on the 7th May saw a family fun day at Ta'Qali where several activities were laid on and we had a visit from St George himself...

Work is in progress to instigate the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme within BPSM. They have recognised us as an authority to deliver the scheme and following adult leader training we hope to launch the scheme on a trial basis soon.

Stay tuned for more news in the future...

Success in Christmas Cake Competition 2012

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This year's Christmas Cake Competition 2012 notched further success after last year. All entries donate for Id-Dar tal-Providenza. This year there were three categories and similar to last year it was aired live by RTK Radio Station. The event was held at the Boys Secondary School in Mtarfa and it was well attended. Ms. Victoria Galea (Akela) organised this event second time round, as part of the philantropic work done by Baden Powell Scouts Malta. This year's Competition was held on the 13th December, 2012 during the Mtarfa Christmas Market held on the date.  

Imparting Informal Learning

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Baden Powell Scouts Malta - Federation is recognised as an educational institution that provides  Informal Learning. The recognition has been awarded by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education on the 1st November 2012 

Baden Powell Scouts Malta is authorised to sign the Informal Learning Application Form for  School Leaving Certificate. The registration reference  is SLC 11937.

This recognition also indicates that Baden Powell Scouts Malta - Federation  is accredited by the DQSE/MQC (regarding the School Leaving Certificate and Profile – Informal Learning).


Baden Powell Scouts Malta are members of Agenzija Zaghzagh

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Baden Powell Scouts Malta are accepted members of Agenzija Zaghzagh, a government agency which is set up to promote the National Youth Policy. As members Baden Powell Scouts Malta is entiled to recieve assistance so that it may achieve its objectives. The official confirmation of acceptance was obtained on the 12th December 2012. 

Baden Powell Scouts Malta registration no: AZ/78/2012.

Meeting with recently Appointed Parish Priest at Mtarfa

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A cordial meeting was held on Tuesday, 18th December between Fr. Denis Schembri, recently appointed Parish Priest and George Mangion, Group Scout Master - Mtarfa Baden Powell Scouts. A prominent issue during the meeting was about the lack of cooperation between the two Scout Groups in Mtarfa. Fr. Schembri made it very clear that he will not tolerate that Scouts with the same belief do not work together in the best interest of the community including the Scout Group's members. George Mangion assured Fr. Schembri many times that since the inception of Baden Powell Scouts at Mtarfa, a number of invitations were done to the Leaders of Mtarfa Scout Group to work together on projects from which many may benefit. The meeting touched on other issues of scouting fundamentals and Scouting objectives including those that relate to helping others, social inclusion, bullying, and cooperation. It was agreed that after the Christmas festives, discussions will take place to promote cooperation and abrogate segregation between the two Scout Groups in the Community at Mtarfa.


'Baden Powell Scouts Malta are now WFIS' The WFIS World President states.

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Mr. Klaus Tegeder, World President - World Federation Indipendent Scouts (WFIS) announced during the Annual WFIS Conference held on the 14th August, 2011, that Malta Scouts are now WFIS. The full minutes of the meeting may be accessed on,

Mr. Tegeder gave details about the growth of WFIS world wide, and also the number of events, Moots and Jamborees being organised in Europe and Worldwide in the coming months and years. The World President also announced that more than 650,000 scouts left WOSM and now joined WFIS.

B-P Scouts Malta Steering Committee Meets Parliamentary Secretary on Friday, 22nd July, 2011

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Members of the Steering Committee for the setting up of a new Scout Association - Baden Powell Scouts Malta paid a cordial visit to the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport, the  Hon. Mr. Clyde Puli, M.A., B.A., M.C.I.P.R., M.I.M., M.P. at  Casa Leone, St. Venera. George Mangion discussed with the Hon Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Puli, the setting up of the new Scout Association and the reasons for the breakaway from the Malta Scout Association. Mr. Mangion stated during the meeting, that B-P Scouts Malta was not in any way a rival of the Malta Scouts Association  but on the contrary, the new Scout Association intends to work with other Scout Groups and any other Youth Organisation. Mr. Mangion explained to Mr. Gonzi the primpary aims of B-P Scouts Malta and the plans to  promote and secure traditional scouting on the Island. George Mangion who was accompanied by Mrs. Yolanda Camilleri and Ms. Corinne Galea, informed the Hon Mr. Clyde Puli that the steering committe was making the necessary preparations to register Baden Powell Scouts Malta as an NGO.  The Hon. Mr. Clyde Puli augured Baden Powell Scouts Malta every success for the future.