Registered NGO Ref: VO/0652 & Approved Provider of Informal Learning Ref: SLC11352 

Celebrating 105 years of Scouting since Brownsea Island. A project in collaboration with B-P Scouts from Cumbria in the UK, supported by WFIS.

A badge has been designed to commemorate the first 105 years of Scouting since Brownsea Island. The badge is part of a project being managed by B-P Scouts Malta and B-P Scouts from Cumbria, UK.

The project consists of a poster competition with the theme ' Leaving a better World'. Scouts sending a poster will be awarded the badge and a certificate of participation against a nominal charge to cover costs and postage. The project will be made known to all WFIS Scouts. The best poster will be judged by a panel from WFIS, and a trophy and a certificate will be awarded to the winner. 

 More details will be made known on this site and on Facebook as soon as these are finalised.