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Patients with Prater Willis syndrome is a basic objective physicians affect obesity. That means more exercise and less food. At least it unhealthy


Can also help psychologists If your  About Darwin Smith child suffers from sleep disorders or problems with the spine, the doctor may recommend surgery.


Growth hormone in the role of facilitator


Unfortunately, at present there is no substance that would effectively grow taller 4 idiots influenced by excessive appetite in these patients. The drugs are often used growth hormone, which positively affects the development of bones and stimulates the growth of muscles and organs.


 Influencing the growth and development of children, then there is also their psychological wellbeing.




Genetic defects are indeed rare and mostly today (in 2008) had before childbirth-find easier than it used to a few years ago, however, things could become.


Help in the fight against one of the manifestations of this disease - obesity - can be suitably chosen sport. Find the right but is not really easy.


Prater Willis syndrome is more than half a century ago recognized complex genetic disorder of chromosome 15, which is the resistance of medical progress at present incurable.

Disabled children are characterized by several characteristic symptoms of the disease, which include



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